What’s included in ticket?

  • A non-stop party on the beach and an introduction to some of the best food Baja offers.

Will there be a bar at the event?

  • Short story - yes. With your wakash coins in hand you can purchase delicious cocktails, mezcal, micheladas and most everything in between.

Will there be food sold at the event?

  • Another short story - also yes. We will have some of the best food that Baja has to offer - fish tacos, ceviche tostadas, and vegan takes on mexican classics to name a few.

Can we bring our RV?

  • Baja Seasons, where Wakoia is hosted, has full hook-ups for your RV, owned or rented. For $60 a day, you’ll have water, power and sewage connections right on site.

Phone reception?

  • Yes, you will have cell reception but we suggest you check in with your provider on your international data plan. Different providers, different plans, different strokes as they say.

What time is it ok to show up?

  • Doors open at 4pm on Friday, October 5th. Check-in will not start before then.

When is over? When do we have to leave?

  • 10am on Monday, October 8th. Unless you marry a beautiful being from Ensenada. In that case, you can stay as long as you want. Otherwise, you know what they say...you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

How much does parking cost?

  • Parking is $10. No ins and outs. If you are staying off-site and drive to and from site each day, then it is $10 daily.

Are there ins and outs with my ticket?

  • Yes, you can come in and out of the venue. Make sure you keep your credential on to be allowed back in.

Are there ins and outs with my car?

  • No ins and outs with the car. Every time you leave the venue with your car, you will have to pay parking again upon re-entry.

Where do I stay for the event?

  • So many great and easy options. We have beach camping, hotel rooms and villas on the property. If you’d rather do your own thing, there are plenty of Airbnb rentals close by.

What does camping include?

  • You’ll have a chance to camp right on the sand! Camping space is 10'x10', which will provide ample room for a tent and pop up. The hotel has bathrooms and some public showers available for free use, alongside clean portos (help keep them clean!). We’ll also have an on site general store with basic supplies. 

Will there be bathrooms at the event?

  • It would be a tragedy if we didn’t! The hotel has permanent bathrooms and we’ll also have clean portos available. Please help us keep these nice and clean for everyone’s sake.

Will there be charging stations at the event?

  • Nope! Prepare to take a few pictures and disconnect.

Is the event cash only?

  • Short story - no. You’ll be able to buy wakash coins using credit and debit cards, along with cash.

Will there be an ATM at the event?

  • Though there is an ATM on the property, we recommend you bring some cash with you as backup. The ATM dispenses money in pesos. Besides, your credit and debit cards will work!

Is there a lost and found?

  • We will have a lost and found by hotel check in. Come and see us if you’ve misplaced an item. If you find something, be a hero and leave it at hotel check in with us.

Do I have to drive or is there a service provided?

  • We have bus rides available from San Diego to the venue and back. Check out our GETTING THERE page for tickets and more info.