What To Bring

  • Identification: Passport OR Drivers license AND birth certificate
  • Cash, Debit and Credit - US dollars and Mexican pesos will be accepted, as well as most credit/debit cards. There will be a total of 3 tolls on your way to the venue. All toll booths accept both dollar and peso.
  • Trash bags. We emphasize a leave no trace policy. There will be trash cans provided for cups and food waste from the vendors, but we ask that any trash created by you leaves with you.
  • First aid kit
  • Feminine products
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlight
  • Beach games
  • Beach chairs
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Sandals
  • Water (Recommended 1 gal per day) There will also be water for sale at the event.

What NOT to bring

  • Weapons or firearms of any kind
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • Glass bottles or containers
  • No alcohol or beer. There will be sales of both at the event.
  • Sound systems (over 40db) - basically, nothing bigger than a personal bluetooth speaker.
  • Large Coolers (nothing over 48qt)
  • Pets
  • Drugs
  • Disrespectful behavior
  • Bad vibes



Important things to know

  • You are responsible for yourself. Be smart and don’t act a fool.
  • Make sure everyone in your group has their passport before beginning your trip.
  • If you don’t have a passport, you can cross with both driver’s license and birth certificate.
  • Drugs are illegal in Mexico. Your car may get searched on the trip down.



  • LEAVE NO TRACE: This is a leave no trace event. Pack it in, pack it out!
  • BATHROOMS: The hotel has permanent bathrooms throughout the property. We will be providing additional porta potties.
  • SHOWERS: The hotel has a few showers available for public use free of charge.
  • LOVE & RESPECT: Be mindful and respectful of your neighbors. Sometimes people want to sleep, ya know?


Driving in Mexico

Once you cross the border, it’s an easy, straight shot to the venue. Here are some tips to follow so you have a smooth ride to the event:

  • Abide by all traffic laws and signs along the road.
  • Travel only during daytime. – roads are dark and not well lit at night. Avoid potential accidents and emergencies  
  • Respect your surroundings and the local folks. We’re guests in Baja, make sure to represent yourself like a champ.
  • If you are stopped by authorities or police officer, follow orders but be wary of games. If they try to play you, play dumb.
  • If you are stopped by authorities or a police offer, DO NOT mention you are going to Wakoia. We want to maintain the intimacy and respect of the event for everyone.
  • Make sure to have cash for 3 tolls on the way down ($6 - $2/each). You will encounter only 2 tolls on the drive back north.
  • There are long stretches of road without gas stations close by. Make sure you have enough gas at the border before you begin your journey south.
  • There is a gas station about 2km from the venue.

At The Show

Once you’ve arrived, here are some basics tips and info to party like a pro:

  • Respect and love each other. There will be NO tolerance for disrespectful or harmful behavior to others or yourself.
  • We encourage you to be creative and feel inspired to express yourself. Be the best you, you can be!  
  • There is no wifi on the property.
  • There is barely any phone service on the property. Prepare to disconnect!
  • We’re here to create community and keep an eye on each other. If you see something, say something.
  • We’ll have medical and lifeguard teams on site during the event.
  • We will have security 24/7 throughout the venue at the event.
  • As a precaution, we recommend keeping all valuables, passports and documents locked in a safe place at all times.