Julieta Gil (MX)


Julieta lives and works between Los Angeles and Mexico City. Her creative research incorporates installation, sculpture, 3D animation and print to explore topics of simulation, and the overlappings that occur between the virtual and physical.


Sangree (MX)


Based in Mexico City, SANGREE is an artistic collaboration between René Godínez Pozas and Carlos Lara. Their work can be defined as a straightforward trans-disciplinary approach to popular culture phenomena, art history, and some of the most fundamental human concerns.  


Sofia Enriquez (US)


Sofia is an artist and designer based in the Coachella Valley, CA. Her practice consists of large scale murals, upcycled painted vintage clothing and fine art works and often references her mexican-american heritage, american pop art, and mexican folk art.


For those that have been, you already know that Baja is a food mecca for everything from the sea. For those that haven’t been, think of Wakoia as your taste bud’s introduction to Baja.




Starting with a street cart in Tijuana, Kokopelli has been home to mouth-watering experimental tacos for over 5 years.  Take one part mad scientist and 5 parts amazing tacos and you've got one hell of a wild recipe for Kokopelli's creative explosion of flavors. Grilled octopus marinated in a Mexican pesto with their selection of over half a dozen house salsas. Oof.


La Guerrerense


Since 1960, La Guerrerense has been serving up world-renowned ceviche tostadas topped with their line of homemade salsas. You can find this cart constantly surrounded by locals in downtown Ensenada. You won't have to squeeze your way into that line because we are bringing Sabina Bandera aka La Güerita's cooking straight to you.


Fenix Tacos


Per Eater, one of the best fish taco stands in the world. Per us, same. Tacos El Felix has been serving up the Ensenada-style Fish and Shrimp tacos since 1970. Fresh Fish or Shrimp fried and then topped with thinly cut cabbage, pico de gallo, Mexican cream or mayonnaise, a squeeze of lime and the salsas....don't get us started with the salsas....


Pansexi Pool and Salon

We want you to feel all the sexis. So whether your little heart desires drag (and/or?!) Dia de los Muertos makeup or a massage - we will have the people there to make all your spa dreams a reality. 

Take one part empty (we see it as not full) swimming pool and one part hang space and you've got the best spot to hear the tunes from the Palapa stage.


Baja Seasons Pool & The Pacific Ocean

You got two choices. Pick the swimming hole that tickles your inner dolphin. Get wet. 


Bonfires On The Beach

Get cozy and keep the party rolling all night by a beachside bonfire.


One Big Beach - To Rule Them All...

Whoops! Wrong tan, walk, jog, dance, frolic and party on. You heard that right - we promote frolicking big time.