Well hello there.

We’ve heard that you like a good party. As luck would have it, we’re throwing a damn good little party on a beach just an hour south of the border called Wakoia—three days of 24-hour DJs, tasty-as-hell local food, cool art, and beachside shenanigans.

We're taking over an entire beach hotel property to disconnect with our favorite people in a beautiful place. No shoes, no shirt, and no bottle service, baby. If you’re looking for a big, glamorous festival to flex on Instagram, this ain’t it. The guest list is small, the WiFi is crap, and we like it that way. Best of all, getting there is easy, tickets are cheap, and you can stay right at the venue. Whatever the time of day, you can step out and there'll be a party—or step away to relax and unplug.