Stay at the heart of the party in one of our villas.

Stay at the heart of the party in one of our villas.


Credentials will vary according to accommodation.

Credentials for each ticket will need to be picked up on site immediately upon arrival at check-in.

Please note that each ticket type will have its own corresponding credentials and access, and must be worn on site at ALL TIMES.

No one will be allowed in designated areas without proper credentials.



Check In

  • Make sure to download your ticket on the DICE app before you arrive.

  • Credentials will ONLY be issued to the person’s whose name is on the order.

  • Government issued photo ID must be presented to pickup credentials.

  • Camping and Day passes will check-in by the pool, located northwest of the hotel by the fountain.

  • Hotel and Villa passes will check-in at the hotel reception.


To the right is a grid of what each pass type gives you access to:

3-day pass: $107.50

Weekend packages:
Includes 1 ticket per person + on-site accommodations; prices are per person.

  • Beach camping: $172 (1 person), $139.75 (2 people)

  • Hotel package: $225.75 (4 people), $327.88 (2 people)

  • 4-person villa: $255.31(mountain view), $295.63 (ocean view)

  • 6-person villa: $268.75-$277.71 (mountain view), $295.63-$304.58 (ocean view)

  • 8-person villa: $268.75

  • RV camping: $255.31(2 people)

Prices on our purchasing page reflect the total, rather than per person, cost.


Wake up to this view.

Wake up to this view.

Credentials Grid

Adjusting Your Order

If you need to add or make changes to your existing order, please contact: with your full name, order number and detailed description of your request.

For example, if you buy a 2-Person Hotel Room Package, and 2 of your friends decide to join and stay with you in your room, they must first buy a regular 3-Day Pass to the event. Or if you buy a 1-Person Camping Pass and want a friend to join and sleep in your tent,  they must first buy a regular 3-Day Pass to the event. You will then contact us with both of your full names and order numbers, describing the change you would like to make. Your friends will not be able to receive the correct credentials if you don’t do this prior to arrival. GET IT DONE!

FYI - we do this to help keep you and your belongings as safe as possible.