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At Wakoia, we don't want you stressing about currency exchange or carrying around too much cash. We’ve created a one-and-done way to pay for all of your food and drink at the event called Wakash (see what we did there?)—think of it as our own little twist on Monopoly money that you'll be able to use on site. 

We'll have Wakash purchase points open daily on site, and accept most debit/credit cards and cash (MX and US). To be clear, this is the only way you'll be able to purchase food and drink at Wakoia. 

Prepaid Wakash

Now, if you really want to hit the ground running, you can avoid lines by pre-paying your Wakash now for pickup with credentials, you party animal you. 

You must already have purchased a Wakoia weekend pass in order to prepay Wakash. Make sure to include your DICE ticket order number in your order notes during checkout.

Prepaid Wakash Packages
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Prepaid Wakash Package:
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Get more Wakash for your buck when you prepay!

$40 Package + get $5 added value

$60 Package + get $10 added value

$100 Package  + get $20 added value

How does it work?

Buy Wakash at one of our purchase points inside the event. You can purchase Wakash in sets of $20, $40, $60, $100 USD. You use Wakash to pay for all of your food and drinks at Wakoia.


What do I get?

You’ll receive Wakash in the form of tokens. Tokens will come in two different denominations.


How much is one Wakash worth?

For example, you’ll be able to buy a beer or grab a couple of fish tacos with 1 Wakash.


What happens if I have leftover Wakash at the end of the show?

We'll accept Wakash exchanges of up to $10 at our purchase points at the event. Refunds for exchanges will be processed no more than ten days after the show. No exchanges will be allowed after the event has ended.